Hard Drive shows 100% after removing files

Still at 100% disk usage after deleting files? Deleting file won’t free the space until you delete the processes that have open handles against that file. Nevertheless, you can reclaim the space. All you need to do is to remove the file descriptors. First execute lsof | grep deleted to identify the process holding the file.

# /usr/sbin/lsof | grep deleted java 8859 user 1w REG 253,0 3662503356 7578206 /crucible/data/current/var/log/fisheye.out (deleted)

Then execute:

# cd /proc/PID/fd


# ls -l |grep deleted
total 0
l-wx------ 1 user devel 64 Feb  7 11:48 1 -> /crucible/data/current/var/log/fisheye.out (deleted)

The “1” will be the file descriptor. Now type “> FD” to reclaim that space

# > 1

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