Log in with an SSH private key on Linux

Using a text editor, create a file in which to store your private key. This example uses the file private_key.txt.
To edit the file in nano, type the following command

# nano deployment_key.txt

Paste the private key into the file. Be sure to include the BEGIN and END lines.


Run the following command to change the file permissions to 600 to secure the key. You can also set them to 400. This step is required:

# chmod 600 deployment_key.txt

Use the key to log in to the SSH client as shown in the following example, which loads the key in file private_key.txt, and logs in as user demo,to IP

# ssh -i deployment_key.txt demo@

When the prompt to confirm the connection request is displayed, type yes and then press Enter.

If your SSH key requires a password, enter it when prompted to complete the connection.

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