Schedule ClamAV scanning via Cron with zero config, and e-mail notification

This is a simple Bash script for those who want to schedule the following tasks via cron:

update the ClamAV virus database (freshclam);
perform personal system scan (clamscan);
send a brief report via e-mail;
without any knowledge about ClamAV configuration files (such as clamd.conf or freshclam.conf) and without running the ClamAV daemon. You just have to configure the e-mail address(es) that will receive the report.


To succesfilly run clamav-cron the following dependencies needs to be satisfied:

the ClamAV engine (look at ClamAV download center);
a mail server like Sendmail;
How to use:
Download clamav-cron somewhere like /usr/local/bin/ and give it execute permission:

wget -O /usr/local/bin/clamav-cron

chmod 755 /usr/local/bin/clamav-cron

Simply open the clamav-cron script with your editor and edit the “User configuration” section following the instructions;
schedule the clamav-cron script via Cron in the preferred way. For example, you can install the clamav-cron in the crontab typing crontab -e from the user shell and entering a line like this:

45 23 * * 6 /usr/local/bin/clamav-cron /home

Cron will run clamav-cron every Saturday at 23:45 (11:45 pm) to recursevly scan the whole /home tree. At the end of task it will send a notification e-mail to the users specified at point 2. For more crontab option type man 5 crontab.

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