X-No-Relay: not in my network” and “X-No-Auth: unauthenticated sender” in message

Source: http://kb.sp.parallels.com/en/115472

My server is using the Postfix mail server. For some reason, all messages it sends contain unnecessary headers, like the following:

X-No-Relay: not in my network


X-No-Auth: unauthenticated sender

The number of headers is multiplied by the number of message recipients, e.g., the headers of a message sent to two recipients would look like this:

X-No-Relay: not in my network
X-No-Relay: not in my network

Postfix adds those headers from these files:

# ls /var/spool/postfix/plesk/*re

The issue will be fixed in a future update for which a new Knowledgebase article will be created. You may subscribe to new articles on Parallels Plesk Panel products if you wish to receive notifications about their creation.

If you do not want messages to contain the above headers, clean (empty) these files:


nano /var/spool/postfix/plesk/no_relay.re

/^/ PREPEND X-No-Relay: not in my network

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