Atomic repo php Upgrade error

Servers popping up that are having php failures or issues with php_admin_value or php_admin_flag when apache restarts. This is occurring on servers running PHP 5.3.26. It appears when this update was pushed out, mod_php is no longer being loaded by default.

The symptoms are outlined here:

You should be able to add the following to the top of php.conf file to resolve the issue:

<IfModule prefork.c>
  LoadModule php5_module modules/
<IfModule worker.c>
  LoadModule php5_module modules/


If you come across a managed server that has the atomic repo enabled and has updated to PHP 5.4.x it more than likely killed their sites.

If this is the case and they were on a newer version of 5.3.x from atomic I’ve got the couple of one liners that I used to remove all the install PHP packages and then install the webtatic repo (which installed disabled) and then to install a base set of php modules from their repo.

This command will figure out what php-5.4.x packages are installed from atomic. Just to verify that you won’t be killing off anything other than the offending atomic packages.

rpm -qa | grep php | grep 5.4

This one-liner will remove all packages that match the above criteria even if they refer to multiple packages or are listed more than once.

for i in `rpm -qa | grep php | grep 5.4` ; do rpm -ev --allmatches --nodeps $i; done

Once they are all removed install the webtatic repo

rpm -Uvh

Then you can install the basic set of packages for php 5.3

yum --enablerepo=webtatic install php php-devel php-mysql php-imap php-xml php-pdo php-gd php-soap

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