R1soft-setup –get-key failed

When adding the key – Error message

# r1soft-setup --get-key
Get dial tcp connection refused

Note: When configuring the R1Soft Manager – http and https ports were set using the command:

# serverbackup-setup --http-port 26080 --https-port 26443

Thus, the following command should work when setting up the key on the agent server to the Manager server:

r1soft-setup --get-key

You can manually configure the key by doing the below steps:

1) Login on to CDP server front end panel
2) Click on “Advanced Options” on the left-bottom menu
3) Copy the Public Key from the page.
4) On the CDP agent(the server you are trying to configure to r1soft), edit the config files at:

# cd /usr/sbin/r1soft/conf/server.allow
#ls -la
 --w----r-- 1 root root  271 Mar  3 11:13
# nano

5) Paste the Public Key of CDP server into this file without any white spaces.
6) Also white list the CDP server IP in the agent firewall.

# nano /etc/sysconfig/iptables


-A INPUT -p tcp -s -j ACCEPT

Restart iptables on Agent server

# service iptables restart

7) Go to Protected Machines, Click arrow on the right for Test Agent Connection. You should see a success message:

More on Keys:

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