Disable TCP Port 135 and Avoid WannaCry Windows 10

  Security, Windows Desktop, Windows Server

Check open ports:

How to identify the processes that are keeping ports open

Windows OS

For Windows operating systems, you can use netstat, which is included with the OS. On the scanned server, open command prompt. Run the command:

netstat -ano

This will list all the network connections on the machine. The last column shows the process ID of the process for the specific network connection. You will probably want to filter this down using the ‘find’ command. For example, if you only want to list the network connections on port 135, use:

netstat -ano | find “:135”

This will list a network connection in LISTENING mode and the id of the process that opened the connection. Use “tasklist /SVC /FI “PID eq xxx” to show the name of the process and service for process id xxx.
For example, if you want to list the information about processed id 7424, use:

tasklist /SVC /FI “PID eq 7424